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The Drug Product Design group delivers all of Pfizer’s small molecule formulation and material science activities. The group is based in the UK and USA and leads the commercial solid form, drug delivery, formulation and manufacturing process development areas from early research through, regulatory submission and transfer to commercial manufacturing facilities. I completed my first degree in Pharmacy at the University of Manchester and worked in community Pharmacy before studying for my PhD at the University of Nottingham. My PhD started to develop my core research interests of biopharmaceutics and Drug Delivery. I then spent two years working for Glaxo within a Discovery drug metabolism environment designing drugs to work specifically within the GI tract. In 1992, I moved to Pfizer in Sandwich, UK, to set up a Pharmaceutical Sciences Discovery support group. I led the Sandwich Research Pharmaceutical Sciences group and the Global Research Formulation Network providing formulation and drug delivery support to all programs from early Research through to PhII clinical studies. I have also had global Pharmaceutical Science responsibilities for Intellectual Property and technical leader for all merger and acquisition due diligence activities. In addition, I have been the Pharmaceutical Sciences Research leader for Respiratory, Pain, G.I. and Genitourinary Research units and on the Global Clinical Research leadership team.