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Jukka Rantanen is professor of pharmaceutical technology and engineering at the Department of Pharmacy (University of Copenhagen). He received his Ph.D. from the University of Helsinki in 2001, completed postdoctoral visit at the Department of Industrial and Physical Pharmacy (Purdue University, USA) in 2003, and joined the faculty at the University of Copenhagen in 2006 as a full professor. Jukka Rantanen has 200 publications in scientific peer-reviewed journals (h-index 33, Web of Science, 3000 citations) and he is an editorial board member of four leading scientific journals within pharmaceutical sciences and chemical engineering. He is a recipient of the APV (International Association of Pharmaceutical Technology) “Research Award for Outstanding Achievements in the Pharmaceutical Sciences” in 2016 and AAPS (American Association of Pharmaceutical Sciences) “Outstanding Graduate Research Award in Pharmaceutical Technologies” in 2001. Additionally, his PhD thesis was appointed “the best Ph.D. thesis” of the year 2000 at the University of Helsinki.
Jukka is a member of the Process Analytical Technology Working Party of the European Pharmacopoeia Commission. He is currently a chairman of the Steering Committee of the EUFEPS QbD and PAT Sciences Network (EUFEPS, European Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences). Jukka is a board member of Danish Council for Independent Research (DFF) within Technology and Production Sciences. He has been consulting several international companies in the field of solid state analysis and process analytical technologies (PAT)/Quality by Design (QbD). His teaching experience includes several course at the B.Sc./M.Sc./Ph.D. levels within drug manufacturing and solid state analysis. Additionally, he has developed continuous education course directed for industry within PAT/QbD concepts. Jukka is a founding member of the Pharmaceutical Solid State Research Cluster (PSSRC).