Conference dinner at Norrlands

Friday 19 May 2017, 18:00 - 21:00

Västra Ågatan, 753 09 Uppsala, Zweden


The so-called students' nations are an integral part of the student life of Uppsala. They run pubs, restaurants, organize choirs and theatres, and hold parties for the students. The nations of Uppsala were formed in the 1640s and were based around the historical provinces of Sweden. For a long time you could only be a member of the nation organizing the students from your home province, but now the nations are open to all students to choose from. Norrlands nation represents the students from the north of Sweden and was formed in 1827. It is the biggest nation in Uppsala and has a large nation house facing the river. A mainstay of the nation life is the so called “gasque” which is a dinner party with speeches, songs and entertainment, and that is what you will experience during the conference dinner!