Symposium D2
Data quality, robustness and relevance in pre-clinical research and development

Tuesday 23 May 2017
Stockholmsmässan : A2


Reproducibility and relevance of research findings represent the pillars of the scientific method. For drug discovery and preclinical drug development, as well as basic science, robust data and scientific rigor are key drivers for decision making, determining the validity of hypotheses, patent strength, time-to-market and consequently knowledge gain and availability of new treatments to patients.

In this symposium we will highlight the pertinent issues and provide an overview of some of the initiatives that aim to address those issues, including strategies followed by pharmaceutical industry, academia, funding agencies and publishers, and introduce some of the more recent consorted approaches.

Co-Chair(s): Magda Chlebus (Belgium) and Thomas Steckler (Belgium)


08:00 – 08:10 Introductory remarks
Thomas Steckler, Janssen Research & Development, Belgium

08:10 – 08:45 Non-regulated preclinical data quality, reproducibility and robustness of data: what can we learn from the regulatory perspective?
Beatriz Lima, University of Lisbon, Portugal

08:45 – 09:20 Reproducibility, reliability and sharing of biomedical data – a publishers perspective
Iain Hrynaszkiewicz, HSS Publishing, Open Research, Nature/Springer, UK

09:20 – 09:40 BREAK

09:40 – 10:15 Improving Research Quality in Academic Settings using Quality Assurance Best Practices
Rebecca Davies, University of Minnesota, USA

10:15 – 10:50 IMI consortium on data quality in preclinical research and development – an industrial perspective
Thomas Steckler, Janssen R&D, Belgium

10:50 – 11:00 Concluding remarks
Magda Chlebus, European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations, Belgium