Symposium B3
Lipid-Based and Lipid-Associated Drug Delivery - how to make lipophilic targets orally attractable

Tuesday 23 May 2017
Stockholmsmässan : K2


The number of poorly water-soluble drugs is increasing and partly this has been attributed to the high lipophilicity of the drugs. The increase in lipophilicity has been related to organizational factors and poor medicinal chemistry approaches, but it is clear that to some extent the lipophilicity is also driven by the molecular requirements of the target. In other cases it may be driven by the target sitting intracellularly, meaning that the compound must be lipophilic enough to traverse cellular membranes. In this session we will address a wide range of questions related to lipid-based, or lipid-associated (food driven) drug delivery. A panel of speakers, all with an update view of the science behind making use of the 'lipidic' strategy to enable efficient and reproducible oral drug delivery, has been put together for the session. All speakers have been confirmed. The session will highlight new insights into the interplay between natural lipids and lipids used in dosage forms, the interplay between the intestinal wall and such lipids, and increase the awareness of making use of medicinal chemistry to better match compounds with lipid-based formulation strategies via transiently increasing the lipophilicity of compounds. The chairs of the session will make sure that the overlap between these talks are minimized by active communicating with the invited speakers and facilitate sharing slides between the speakers before the meeting takes place.

Co-Chair(s): Christel Bergström (Sweden) and Christopher Porter (Australia)


15:00 – 15:10 Lipid-based and lipid associated drug delivery –introductory remarks
Christopher Porter, Monash University, Australia

15:10 – 15:45 Effect of dietary lipids on drug dissolution and permeation
Rebecca Carrier, Northeastern University, USA

15:45 – 16:20 Dissolution/release and permeation – impact of bile
Shinji Yamashita, Setsunan University, Japan

16:20 – 16:40 BREAK

16:40 – 17:15 Lipid-based formulations; solubilizing and supersaturating systems with Complex interplay with cell membranes
Vincent Jannin, Gattefossé, France

17:15 – 17:50 Lipophilic conjugates and complexes to promote drug integration into lipid absorption pathways
Christopher Porter, Monash University, Australia

17:50 – 18:00 Lipid-based and lipid associated drug delivery –concluding remarks
Christel Bergström, Uppsala University, Sweden